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Olde-Worlde charm

Klawer and Trawal are two small towns situated between the eastern Mtzikama Mountains and western Olifant’s River. After good winter rains, the fields abound with clover (Klawer), from whence the name of Klawer is derived.

The settlement developed around the railway station which travels from Trawal northwards to Bitterfontein and Niewoudville. It’s a beautiful area, rich with war history and lost civilisations.

Rock art can be found in the caves on farmlands now cultivated with citrus trees and vineyards. Lush in the winter, dry in the summer, the Western Cape offers variety and an endless bounty of sights and sounds.

If you stay on the N7 and travel too fast, you could miss it all.

Klawer is a place that needs to be explored to be appreciated.